NordVPN is currently one of the most powerful virtual private network service providers available today. The Panama-based NordVPN has been operational for more than ten years now and it has proven to work excellently in combining powerful features in the provision of an easy-to-use package. As a customer, you have a variety of servers to choose from based on what you are looking for and the best part is that each server is optimized for particular purposes. NordVPN comes with a zero-logs policy and privacy and security features are exceptional. Even though it’s hard to find a reliable server, download speeds are top-notch and the app is exquisite with amazing features.


The NordVPN client for windows is common probably due to the quality and visual appeal or ease of use. The connection is simple; all you need is to choose a server before connecting and then click to connect. Servers can be chosen based on the type of server or by country and clients have a useful feature showing the stats for every server such as capacity, speed among others, which helps you in making a decision. Users can as well make a choice from specialized servers such as Tor over VPN, double VPN, and dedicated IP.

The firm manages 5000 plus servers in 62 countries worldwide and a number of locations are expected to rise with time. Servers are divided into two groups based on specialization and type which makes things easier for users. After making an informed decision on what you want to use VPN for, the next step is finding a server group specialized in that specific service and choose your nearest location or any other location allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions. That being the case, you can get servers for ultra-fast TV, anti-DDoS, double VPN, servers for Tor, Netflix USA servers, dedicated IP servers, standard VPN servers, and servers for P2P sharing or torrenting.

NordVPN comes with an automatic kill switch option which protects you anytime you lose your VPN connection, as it shuts down traffic meaning that your personal information and sensitive data is never exposed. NordVPN allows both dedicated P2P servers and P2P making it convenient for anyone concerned about downloading torrents.

Security Features

NordVPN comes with a not-notch security feature famously known as double encryption which enables you to be double secure when your connection is encrypted twice. This makes NordVPN special when compared to other VPN providers.


NordVPN provides the most widely used and best protocols and will give you the most secure OpenVPN, besides PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP protocols. NordVPN utilizes AES-256 cipher which is paired with SHA-1 HMAC authentication and a RSA-2028 handshake and gives a perfect secrecy with 3072 DHE keys.


Without any data retention law, Panama is prohibited from giving out any of your personal information to the authorities. However, even if those laws existed, Panama doesn’t keep any logs meaning it will have nothing to hand over to the authorities.


NordVPN works excellently with Windows and its also compatible major operating systems such as Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, Android and can be used on a router. The connection is effected to as many as six devices making it convenient for you to use VPN on your tablet, computer, and smartphone.

Can NordVPN work with Netflix?

Many people ask whether NordVPN works with Netflix and the answer to that question is that it does. In fact, it also unblocks other streaming sites such as ABC iView, iPlayer, Hulu, and BBC thanks to its trademark SmartPlay feature toggled on by default in the settings.

Does NordVPN work in China?

If you’re in China and wondering whether NordVPN can work there, the good news is that it works efficiently. This is because, in late June 2017, the company denoted that it can unblock websites and content that are banned in China. Therefore, if you are in mainland China, you should be able to connect to a server normally to bypass the Great Firewall.

However, if it fails to connect, you can go to the settings menu of the app and select Advanced Settings, then toggle on Obfuscated servers as instructed by Nords. That way, you make encrypted internet appear unencrypted and this prevents deep packet inspection system of China from recognizing VPN connections. And even though it adds up latency, it's definitely worth the wait.

Pricing Options

NordVPN gives you three plans to choose from. There is the simple plan, the standard plan, and the best offer plan. One month simple plan costs $11.95, the standard plan gives you six months of VPN costing $7 monthly, and the Best Plan gives one year of VPN costing $5.75 monthly but you make the payment annually.

If you buy your preferred VPN but gets unsatisfied within thirty days, the company will give you a refund. The company also accepts less conventional payment methods such as Bitcoin and all the traditional payments methods.